Apple features Calroo!

We are super excited to announce that we’ve been featured by Apple on the App Store!

Calroo is continuing to grow, and we can’t wait to keep welcoming new people to our family.

Now is also a great time to remember to download our updated version for our iOS and Android apps. The links can be found below.



If you or a family member haven’t downloaded Calroo yet, then do it now to get access to our synced calendar, shared to do lists and in-app messaging. Get your family in sync today!




2 Year Anniversary of The JOBS Act

Today, May 16th, 2018 marks the 2nd anniversary of Regulation Crowdfunding, as part of the JOBS Act. It’s really a momentous occasion because it allows anyone to invest in private companies, not just the rich. Continue reading this post to learn about The JOBS Act and how you too can become an investor.

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Join the Family Tech Revolution – Become a Calroo Investor Today!


A letter from Calroo CEO:

To our customers, supporters, and fans:

From our humble beginnings 2+ years ago, Calroo has been built by parents, for parents.

As parents, we got tired of having to adapt our lives to technology – instead of technology adapting itself to us. We got tired of having to use apps and services that were designed for someone else – not for us in our roles as parents and caregivers.

So we set out to build a platform that can materially improve the lives of millions (and ultimately billions) of families. We want to build a platform that will keep our family data private, that will not treat us as “eyeballs” to be monetized, and that will truly make our lives easier, and our families happier.

And now we want to give every parent an opportunity to become an investor and part-owner in Calroo.

Yesterday, we launched an equity crowdfunding campaign to raise $1,000,000 on Wefunder. We’re off to a great start – we raised $6,000+ in the first 3 hours of the campaign.

Equity crowdfunding was made possible by the JOBS Act, signed into law by former President Barack Obama. It allows everyone – not just rich accredited investors – to invest in startups. Your contribution is not a donation, or a product purchase, it’s an investment. In exchange for your money, you get a piece of equity in the company. (Important disclaimer: Investing in early stage startups is risky. Learn more about the risks here).

Here’s what you get when you invest in Calroo:

  • You help build a revolutionary new platform for parents and families. Imagine being able to tell your kids and grandkids: I saw the potential in Calroo before everyone else did.
  • You support a female entrepreneur, who is backed by a diverse and talented team. Women founders receive only 3% of VC funding, despite strong evidence that female-led companies and companies with diverse teams produce better financial returns for investors and shareholders.
  • You help us fulfill our mission of saving marriages, and making families happier. We want to liberate parents from the never-ending logistical “busywork”, so that they can spend more quality time with their families. We want to reduce the stress, guilt and resentment that build up in daily negotiations, ruining our marriages and our happiness. We want every parent to feel like a great parent. It’s a lofty aspiration, but with your support, we can do it!
  • You get to participate in the financial upside of being an early investor in a successful startup. The beauty of crowdfunding is that you don’t have to be a rich accredited investor with access to a secret deal flow. All you have to do is share our passion and believe in our mission.
  • You become a part-owner in Calroo. With your investment, you’re buying more than a product. You’re buying part of our company. You’re getting a seat at the table – and on our cap table.
  • You have a voice in setting the strategy and product roadmap for Calroo. Let us tap into your wisdom and experience. Tell us about your aspirations and your struggles. Give us your honest feedback and advice. We’re building this platform for you, so we want to hear from you.
  • You get front-row seats to the exciting journey of an early-stage Silicon Valley startup – without having to give up the security of your current job. We promise to give all of our investors monthly updates about our journey, and share our ups and downs. And if you’re investing at higher levels, you get personal access to the founders (check out our exciting investor perks!)
  • You get to shape the future of family tech.

Join us, and help us change the world for the better for millions of families!


Elena Krasnoperova



Our Mother’s Day Pamper Package Giveaway!

At Calroo, we believe that every day is Mother’s Day. So today, we’re announcing our Mother’s Day Giveaway! Enter the giveaway here to win $100s worth of pampering prizes just for you!

Remember to enter our draw before May 13th, 2018.

>> Grand Prize winner wins a pampering package worth over $300!
  • Enjoy a romantic dinner at a favorite restaurant ($100 value)
  • Relax with a massage or facial with a Spafinder gift certificate ($50 value)
  • Pamper yourself with cosmetics from Bath & Body Works ($30 value)
  • Get your family to do chores with Calroo Pro ($100 value)
  • Listen to your favorite music with an iTunes gift card ($20 value)