Letter from the CEO

As every parent knows, when you have kids, your life is no longer your own. No matter what, you have to pick up your kids from school, take them to the doctor, feed them, clothe them, and love them – every single day, for 18+ years.

Calroo is a mobile app that helps busy parents tame the chaos of their family schedule. It combines a calendar, to-do list, grocery lists and messaging in one app, and makes asking for help as simple as a swipe.

We will also build new apps for families to solve other problems that they have – such as the need to manage your child’s use of devices, Internet and social media. Our ultimate goal is to become a new discovery platform for family-oriented apps and services.

We hope you’ll decide to join us on our journey. Download our free app on iOS or Android.

Marcelo Ribeiro, CEO