The Millennial Dad

Since Father’s Day is just around the corner, why not take some time to check out some facts about the millennial dad! Learn more about their aspirations and how they try to be the best dads possible.

Millennial Dads and Their Goals 

The portrayal of dads has changed throughout the years, the millennial generation being just the latest. The word millennial may be associated with wild teenagers who have yet to grow up, but today’s dads are not only developing their own goals, they are taking on more responsibilities. Check out the infographics to learn more!



Millennial Dads and Technology

By the time they have kids, millennial dad’s know how to use their phones for more than just checking sports scores. Research from BabyCenter revealed that 88% of millennial dads consider being “the perfect dad” at least somewhat important. With those high expectations for themselves, they go to the internet to bolster their knowledge and explore the best options for their children. Check out our infographic below for the ways they’ve learned to use their technological powers for good!