How to Have a Memorable Father’s Day with Your Family


Father’s Day is supposed to be your day, but how about giving your family a gift that everyone can share? Celebrate the end of your kids’ school year and you being an awesome dad by sharing some special moments together. Here are some fun things you can do with your kids this Father’s Day.

1. Cook – Avoid long lines at restaurants and cook a meal with your kids at home instead. If you love the kitchen this is the perfect place to be on Father’s Day. The time spent making the meal is perfect quality time… and who knows you might end up training a little future chef! Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner (or all of the above) you are the king of the kitchen today.

2. Go on a Sunday drive – How long has it been since you’ve driven a car purely for fun? Some of the best talks can come from time spent on the road together. This Father’s Day take a stress-free drive with your family. Make some new fun memories in the car that you can think about the next time you’re sitting intraffic.

3. Take a walk – Sure, roses are for Mother’s Day but when is the last time you’ve stopped to smell them? Driving passed them every day doesn’t count either. If you’re not really into Sunday drives, take a stroll around your neighborhood with your family instead. Your kids will also enjoy the chance to explore the neighborhood!


4. Play games  – Help get your mind off work and play a board game or complete a puzzle with your family. Some of the best memories can be made lounging together at home and playing board games. Not only can board games be educational, but they can also test your creative side. And a little healthy familycompetition never hurt!

5. Go to a game – If you love sports, this weekend is the perfect time to take your family to the stadium or park to watch your favorite team. Sure, it is a little unconventional to plan this for yourself on Father’s Day,but you are guaranteed to love it. Not only will you get to rave about it to your co-workers and friends, but your kids will never forget it.

6. Have a picnic – Pack some of your favorite snacks and take a trip to the park. Your wife will love you for taking the mess outside of the house. Maybe even bring your frisbee or load up some squirt guns and have a blast with your kids. They are great at bugging you during the week to go to the park, so now is your time to shine.

7. Read a book – Spend an hour enjoying a good book together. Pick out your favorite book and take turns reading it to each other. The younger kids will especially appreciate this special memory with you. Perhaps this could be a tradition in the making!

8. Go on a hike – Nothing screams summer more than exploring the outdoors with the people you love. Have some fun in the sun this Sunday and hike with your family. Hiking gives everyone a chance to step away from life’s craziness and enjoy nature. Try going to an area you’ve never been to before so you canshare that first experience together as a family.

9. Watch a movie – New movie, fresh popcorn, done deal! The perfect way to end the weekend is by winding down and watching a movie with your family. Whether it’s taking a trip to the theater or getting comfortable at home, you will enjoy the time spent with each other. Sunday night movies can become a great new family tradition.

10. Have a BBQ – Maybe it’s time to take out the grill and barbecue some good hearty food for your family. Have your kids create some delicious side dishes and you’re all set! Hang outside and enjoy some sun in the comfort of your own backyard. It’s the surest way to earn the “Best Dad of the Year” award from your kids.

Whichever activity you wish to do, I hope you have a great Father’s Day and create some new memories with your family this weekend.