Tips for smoother, calmer mornings

Mornings are infamous for being chaotic and hectic. There is always an element of urgency in getting yourself and your kids ready, fed and out the door in time. While going to sleep early and waking up an hours before having to leave is ideal, it is not always the most realistic for families to be able to do. Instead, here are some tips to help make your mornings easier.

Prepare the night before

Often, the problem in the morning is that there are too many things to do, and not enough time to do them all. Take away some of the morning stress by prepping as much as you can the night before.

  1. Pick out your outfit
    • Check the weather the night before and have an outfit selected and laid out. The fewer decisions in the morning, the better!
  2. Have your breakfast and/or your lunch ready to go
    • This could be as easy as prepping ingredients for lunch beforehand or making “grab and go smoothies” for breakfast.
    • For more easy and fast breakfasts that even your kids can make, check out our blog post!
  3. Have your water bottle filled ahead of time
    • Don’t stand around waiting for your kid to fill their water bottle as you are trying to rush them all out the door. Have them fill it ahead of time and either put it in their bags the night before or store it in the fridge for some chilled water that is ready to go.
  4. Make sure your kids have packed their bags the night before.
    • No running around trying to print things last minute or find assignments. Just grab the backpack and go!
  5. Go to bed on time!
    • Train you and your kids to have a set bedtime and to stick to it. Sleep is important. Check out our post on how to get the best sleep possible!

The morning of

There is only so much you can do the night before to prepare yourself for the bustle of an early morning. Continuing to hit snooze on your alarm your dragging yourself around for the first hour of your day isn’t enjoyable for anyone. Here are some ways to get yourself out of bed and ready for the day ahead!   

  1. Annoy yourself into getting up
    • Set your alarm somewhere where you need physically get up to turn it off. My dad used to put his alarm in the bathroom, which leads us to Tip #2.
  2. Take a quick shower to wake up
    • The water will rejuvenate you and get you ready for the day. If you aren’t a morning shower person, at least wash your face and brush your teeth to distract you from just going back to bed.
  3. Drink cold water 
    • Water helps flush out toxins and is another great way to prevent yourself from heading right back to bed after you get up.
  4. Start your morning with some meditation
    • If you have the time, a quick five-minute session to relax can help set the mood for the rest of the day. Set aside the time for you and your kids to have a few breathing/stretching/quiet moments together to start your day peacefully together.
  5. Exercise
    • Alternatively, if meditation isn’t your thing, do a quick five-minute workout to get your blood pumping.